Data Storage

Every generation of our data storage software has added new features to meet the unique and complex needs of our customers. We provide our software onsite or off as a fully managed solution for less than half the cost of any other cloud or traditional vendor.

Enterprise Ready

At the heart of our storage software is one of the world's most advanced file systems, ZFS. It allows us to provide our customers with advanced features normally available only at significantly higher costs. Using it, we can aggregate, manage, and protect vast amounts of disparate data from any number of sources. All common storage protocols are supported out of the box ensuring easy integration with your applications.

High Performance

Using our software, we can dynamically scale both read and write performance to meet all application requirements. We provide storage today to such applications as VMware, medical imaging PACS, video, audio, textual data as well as to Oracle, MongoDB and Aerospike databases.

Cost Effective

We deploy our storage software solution on commodity hardware. This allows you to transform large up front capital costs and ongoing labor into a single, manageable, monthly operational expense. Moreover, ongoing advances in storage technologies can be quickly, easily, and seamlessly incorporated into our system.